The Importance of Robotics

The creation of robots is one of the biggest achievements that has been accomplished by man. Robots are simply human-like machines that are designed to perform specific tasks. Simply machines such as toasters can be deemed to be robots to very complex ones. The amount of good robots give is irreplaceable especially to sectors that may pose a threat to human life. For instance, the Chernobyl meltdown was still full of radiation that no human scientist would have been able to conduct tests without causing harm to himself or herself. This led to the Pioneer Robot being used to get the data for evaluation. The Dante 11 Robot was also used in volcanic eruptions so that gas and sulfur tests could be done. Listed below are just a few pros that have been realized since the incorporation of Robotics;

  • Reduced work load. This is mostly applicable to the manufacturing industries. The monotonous nature of industries might cause employees to get tired or bored. This means that the quality of the output will be jeopardized. Robots offer a solution as a replacement since they are able to work for long. The quality is also not compromised as they are programmed to get the same results. Artificial Intelligence is basically the brain of the robot and after being told what to do, the task is effectively undertaken. This, however, might lead to unemployment to the employees since the robots do a much better job.
  • Use by the military and NASA. Risky situations that involve space explorations usually need test subjects before a human being can do it. The continuous study of Mars by NASA uses robots to get information. The military also uses robots such as flying bodies to observe areas. The Predator and Reaper robot planes have been used to survey areas even though the pilot is thousand of miles away. This makes it possible for many operations to be carried out at the same time.
  • Waste disposal. Some jobs cannot be done because of the health and cleanliness risk that they pose to the lives of human beings. The waste disposal process incorporates robotics in order to complete the tasks. Most human beings would not take the job in this sector which then requires the need for the use of robots.
  • Medical practice. The use of robots has opened the medicine world to feats they thought were unachievable. This means that surgeries that were once impossible to do with a human hand can be undertaken within a couple of minutes.
  • Generation of Revenue. Robots have certainly brought back funds to the manufacturers. Today, many children’s toys are mechanized to be able to move and be mini-robots. The constant sales can be used to improve other sectors of the economy. Farmers also get their money after using automated harvester. This is much easier than using traditional methods, therefore, reducing costa and earning income.


Many rumors and misconceptions loom over the use of robots today and in the future. However, as per the moment, the good this field has to give is staggering and can only get better